For our Customers’ enjoyment of “the taste of birds”, we value the mutual understanding between the griller and the recipient, whereas we try our best to provide our warm hospitality to them. We hope customer could enjoy the stylish fusion of traditional “YAKITORI” grilled by direct and high temperature fire together with pure Japanese cuisine.
In order to evolve “YAKITORI”, we shall work on new trials everyday so that it becomes “ A new traditional” after those four famous a sort of king dishes, (which are) “SUSHI”, “EEL”, “SOBA” and “TEMPRA” of Edo Food.


Using “Direct and High Temperature Fire”, a traditional method of Yakitori cooking, we offer dishes with ingredients, preparation, and grilling that considers “freshness” first until customer have it.
“HIRANO”, which claims that the essence of yakitori is freshness, offers a course dishes that combines Japanese cuisine with

“Kai-Shingendori” skewers, where we could put our priority on freshness of material, not on a brand name of birds.

In addition, thanks to the strength of fire, there is phrase “Raising Burn” since ancient time. By finishing in a short time over the strong fire, the “UMAMI” (flavor) and Moisture are not lost, and moderately burned meal surface become great flavor and deepen the taste.

Please enjoy it as a kind of character, and please do not hate scorching.

[ Dinner ]
Chef’s “Omakase” course JPY 9,800(tax included)

10 skewers / Salad / Seasonal dish 3 dishes / Meal / Seasonal Dessert


Unlike “Omiki” in general “Shinsen” (sake offered to a god), it is a unique manner at HIRANO, where everyone who comes to are requested to sit down and purify their mouth with the first-behaved sake as a mind to have everyone who comes to enjoy the “taste” of YAKITORI HIRANO as much as possible.
The Sake used for first shot is a Hirano special bottle of “Tenpu Junmai Daiginjo”, which is specially finished by “Nishi Shuzou” in

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〒104-0061 8-12-15 1F,ginza,chuo-ku,Tokyo

Opening Hours:(By appointment only)

[ Dinner ]16:00~23:00
※It may be changed depending on the situation.

Regular holiday:Sunday

Seats:Counter 12 seats / Private room 1(6 seats are possible)

Cashless Payment:Our shop is a cashless accounting. It will be charged with various credit cards.
We do not handle cash, and appreciate for your kind understandings in advance,

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In accordance with our policy, you are required to pay a cancellation fee.

The day before reservation・・・50% cancellation fee.

The day of reservation・・・100% cancellation fee.